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Window on the World Fifth Class Science Ed Co

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Window on the World Fifth Class Science.
Window on the World Science 5 is a new high-quality book for Fifth class, written in line with the Revised Curriculum. The skills of working scientifically, investigating, designing and making are all developed, as children work their way through the various strands in a fun and exciting format. Science Window on the World is written creatively to allow for children to learn in a fun-filled and active way. This book allows children to explore important scientific concepts in a child-friendly setting and enourages enquiring and inquisitive minds to ask scientific questions. It provides a wide variety of activities and exercises to cater for varying abilities. A 'Science and the environment' section is contained in each chapter outlines practical applications of the scientific principles covered in the lesson.
Unique and colourful 'Concept Cartoons' are at the beginning of each lesson aid to help the understanding of the concept and allow children to explore scientific questions.
Lessons are well laid out and include a variety of activities such as 'Let's Investigate!', 'Finding Out More' and 'Detective Time'. Required materials are listed at the beginning of each chapter to ensure that everything needed to carry out investigations can be easily assembled in advance. An integration section provides ideas for integration across the different subject areas. 'Make and do' exercises and problem-solving activities help children to understand the world they live in and develop a healthy respect for their wider environment. Assessment activities are provided in each lesson, including questioning, problem-solving, class discussions and diagrams testing. A sample Record Sheet helps children to develop their own recording skills. ICT is incorporated into every lesson, through the 'Web Watch' section which contains relevant websites on each topic. This book is available on for teachers using the book with their students. An Interactive ICT activity has been created, and is detailed at the end of each chapter in the Teachers Resource Book.

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