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Stand Up Speak Up CSPE Activity Book Mentor Books

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Stand Up Speak Up CSPE Activity Book Mentor Books.
CSPE Activity book:Stand Up Speak Up.This Activity Book is carefully structured around the 7 core CSPE concepts. It contains a variety of exercises and stimulli to cater for students throughout the learning spectrum. It provides a wealth of activities for both the classroom and at home that echo the Junior Certificate Exam.It is presented in full colour and is graphically exciting.It features a blank RAP ((Report on an Action Project) to give students the oppertunity to practice writing up their action report.Exam Material is included throughout the book.
This book uses accessible language to meet the needs of all pupils.
It is graphically fresh and engaging.
It contains Action Project ideas based around each of the 7 concepts.
It includes sample exam material throughout.
Contains glossaries of each chapter as well as a gluais for students learning through the medium of Irish.
It features interviews with serving politicians and leading community figures.
The chapters included are- human dignity,rights and responsibilities,stewardship,democrasy,development,law,interdependance,and assessment.

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