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Gill Education

Social Care Learning From Practice Gill and MacMillan

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Social Care Learning From Practice.
Written by social care workers, this unique multi-contributory book draws on insightful stories of practice to discuss the key issues that impact on social care today.
Provides a wealth of practical knowledge from the experiences of social care workers who have worked with different groups in diverse settings.
Goes behind the rhetoric and theory to examine the unpredictable, difficult and challenging aspects of social care work.
Draws from real-life case studies illustrating both positive and negative experiences and outcomes, and examines the tasks and core competencies of social care work.
Reflects on the professionalisation of social care as a vital service utilised by Tusla (Child and Family Agency), the Health Service Executive and other stakeholders.
Discusses the evolution of social care from residential child care to an expanded, multifaceted and integrated practice.
Details the establishment of the representative body Social Care Ireland (SCI) in 2011, which is made up of the Irish Association of Social Care Workers (IASCW), the Irish Association of Social Care Management (IASCM) and the Irish Association of Social Care Educators (IASCE).
Written For:
Students of Social Care
Social care workers preparing for continuing professional development (CPD), and allied health and social care professionals
Those interested in a career in social careTable of Contents
Overview of Social Care Practice
Chapter 1 Learning from Stories of Practice
Chapter 2 The Irish Association of Social Care Workers
Chapter 3 Social Care Education and the Irish Association of Social Care Educators
Stories from Practice and Management
Chapter 4 There’s No Place like Home: Care and Aftercare
Chapter 5 The Impossible Task: Which Wolf will Win?
Chapter 6 Doing Small Things with Great Kindness
Chapter 7 The Language of Social Care
Chapter 8 An Approach to Family Assessments
Chapter 9 Achieving Independent Living for People with Disabilities
Chapter 10 The Stranger in the Mirror: Dealing with Dementia in the Intellectual Disability Sector
Chapter 11 It’s All About the ‘I’: Self-understanding in Social Care Practice
Chapter 12 Precious Cargo: Focusing as a Practice Approach
Chapter 13 Waiting: Avoiding the Temptation to Jump in
Chapter 14 Containment: Not Always a Dirty Word
Chapter 15 Placing Therapeutic Relationships at the Heart of our Work
Chapter 16 The Therapeutic Alliance in Practice
Chapter 17 A House for One: Single-occupancy Residential Units
Chapter 18 Supporting those Who Self-Injure in Social Care Settings
Chapter 19 An A, B, C Approach to Challenging Behaviour
Chapter 20 Learning to Practise: The Role of Practice Placement in Social Care
Chapter 21 Supporting a Team to Direct and Lead Change in Social Care
Chapter 22 Supervision: A Reflective Guide
Chapter 23 The Significance of the Small Things: Teaching Independent Living Skills to Young People in Residential Care
Chapter 24 Thoughts on the Good Enough Worker
Chapter 25 The Good Manager: Moral Discernment and Courage

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