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Operation Maths 3 Discovery Book Only Ed Co

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Operation Maths 3 Discovery Book Ed Co.
Operation Maths is an inovative and exciting maths programme with fully intergated digital resources
This new programme has been developed specifically for Irish Primary schools and has been extensively reviewed by practising teachers nationwide
For the first time an Irish maths programme places understanding problem-solving and active learning at its heart
A uniquely child centred programme it teaches children to understand not just do maths.
For the first time, an Irish maths programme places understanding, problem-solving and active learning at its heart, introducing a range of suitable strategies, approaches and tools to encourage engagement. Operation Maths focuses on the acquisition and development of mathematical skills, as outlined in the Primary school curriculum. With the confident guidance of their teacher, children will discover the joy and fun in mathematical thinking, open-ended questioning, estimating, problem-solving, rationalising, collaborating and ultimately understanding.

Features of the Senior Level books

A significant emphasis has been placed on collaborative learning, with regular Talk Time and Team Work activities to encourage children to communicate and to address problems in a collaborative way.
Problem-solving is at the heart of this programme: problem-solving strategies are developed throughout the book; there are regular Work It Out! activities; and the Let’s Investigate! feature at the back of the book allows the children to explore open-ended investigations.
Children are encouraged to apply maths to their own environment through regular Maths Around Us activities, videos and maths trails.
There is a strong focus on the revision of concepts and the integration of maths with other subjects, with themed revision pages throughout the book.
Mental maths skills are promoted in an integrated fashion in each chapter, with an emphasis on the development of estimation and thinking strategies. A Starters Bank of suitable oral and mental starter activities is also provided in the Teacher’s Resource Book, along with a Games Bank of suitable games for every chapter.
Children can assess their own learning in the Learning Log at the end of every chapter in the Discovery Book, while formal assessment takes place in the Pupil Assessment book.
A concrete-pictorial-abstract (CPA) approach promotes active learning and guided discovery, as the children explore and interact with suitable concrete materials.
Mini whiteboards accompany the series, promoting active involvement in a whole-class setting, along with providing instant feedback and enabling teacher assessment.

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