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My Spelling Workbook G Sixth Class Prim Ed New Edition

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My Spelling Workbook G Sixth Class Prim Ed New Edition.
Please check that your booklist state "New Edition" and not the "Original" Version.
This book is intended for Sixth Class
NEW My Spelling Workbook.
The "Original" My Spelling Workbook is also available on our website.
Now available in full colour with phonetically organised word lists.
Colourful, full-colour workbooks
a multisensory approach to spelling using Look, Say, Trace, Cover, Write, Check; eighteen four-page spelling units per workbook one for every two weeks of the school year
New phonics word lists with phonetical activities e.g there is a unit on silent letters where the pupils have to sort words according to the silent letter and then think of more for each letter
Three 'topic-based' units, spaced so that they're completed at the end of each term - topics are Christmas, Spring and Summer.

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