My English Portfolio 2 Second Class Educate

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My English Portfolio 2 Second Class.
Children draw their own cover picture on this book.
This English Portfolio gives the child an opportunity to "tell their own personal story"
It keeps invaluable "School Self Evaluation (SSE)" evidence of the childs English work under one cover ,in one place.
It enables the teacher to analyse and monitor the childs strengths,and highlights areas that may need development and improvement.
It provides Qualitative evidence of a childs progress,skills and abilities.
It showcases the childs accomplishment in English and enables him/her to share their work with a wider audience.
It is an assessment evaluation tool for the teacher to add to the "Primary School Assessment Kit"
It enchances the childs motivation by providing a personal and tangible record that they can be proud of.
It helps the child to reflect on their own learning and achievement by asking them to make choices in reviewing their own work.
It leads to greater learner autonomy as it involves self assessment.
My English Portfolio is a School Self Evaluation booklet (SSE) Evidence.
All genres of English writing covered.
Free Writing
Narrative - Story
Writing to Socialise

My English Portfolio also contains:
My Learning Log
Tricky Spellings List

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