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Life Leaving Cert Biology by Folens

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Life Leaving Cert Biology by Folens.
Life Leaving Cert Biology by Folens.
This will make your life easier!
"Life" is structured to build better understanding and better exam technique in less time for all.
This book contains clear,concise and exam focused biology for Hifgher and Ordinary Level Students
The Life Leaving Certificate Biology programme takes the key challenges of today’s Biology teachers and students and creates a unique solution to respond to these needs..
Lifestages- Each chapter is uniquely structured to maximise understanding and exam techniques simultaneously.
Chapter Structure:
Stage 1-Prepare to Learn - Learning outcomes at chapter start,referenced throughout the chapter to direct learning and assessment. Key definitions explain difficult terminology.
Stage 2 - Build understanding in an exam focused way.
Concise style puts information across in an easy to understand manner. Exam Terminology is used throughout.There is emphasis on mandatory activities (15%) of the Leaving Cert exam) focusing on the theory as well as the method..Higher Level material is clearly indicated.
Stage 3 - Revision.
There is a chapter summary to revise the topic.There are review questions at the end of each chapter.
Stage 4 - Reinforce exam technique.
There are examination style and past Leaving Cert questions at the end of each chapter with an exam frequency indicator table.There is also an examination skills chapter.
Also available for students on
Videos of the Mandatory Laboratory Investigations with worksheets and solutions.
Sample exam papers and solutions to Sections A,B and C

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