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Golden Key

LCA Maths 4 Mathematics for Living Leaving Cert Applied by Golden Key

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LCA Maths 4 Mathematics for Living Leaving Cert Applied by Golden Key.
LCA Maths 4 Mathematics for Working Life
A Workbook for Leaving Certificate Applied Maths
Mathematical Applications Module 4
Everyone can do maths and everyone can enjoy maths. The LCA syllabus is designed to be hands-on, student centred, practical maths. Students learn by doing, making mistakes (that's ok) but above all by engaging in their own learning. LCA Maths is really maths for living and more. It developes numeracy skills needed for everyday life. The new 'Project Maths' initiative aims at making maths more relevent to life and focuses on understanding rather than learning off by heart.......looks like LCA Maths when initiated many years ago was ahead of it's time!
The workbooks - the contents page of each workbook can be used to tick off work done - so progress can be seen. Each worksheet is a stand alone piece so work is divided into bite-size achievable units. The student is guided through the processes required by a 'step by step' or 'working frames' approach. On conclusion of each worksheet the student is asked - "what have you done ....?" On answering this, the student gains a sense of achievement, progress and ownership.
The use of IT has been integrated into the workbooks where computers are used as a learning/research tool. Cross-curricular links are made with other subjects - Science, Catering, VPG, Leisure, etc. These links blend into certain topics of the maths syllabus naturally. There is a final reflection at the end of each module. Here the student assesses their own learning. There is a facility to establish a 'Word Wall' or a 'Bank' of new maths words, aiming to improve maths literacy.
The design is student friendly and appealing visually. It is in tune with the students' interests. The workbooks are totally reflective of the syllabus. They will prepare students for adult and working life. The final exam preparation has not been forgotten and is integrated into the content of the workbooks but it was not the main driving force.
When using these workbooks we hope that:
Teaching and learning is made interactive, enjoyable and natural
The students become engaged with their own learning
Assessment for learning is taking place in the maths class
Independent thinking of the student is encouraged
A desire to research and learn more is developed

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