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Jolly Phonics

Jolly Phonics Jolly Grammar Hand Book 3

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Jolly Phonics The Grammar Handbook 3
A Handbook For Teaching Grammar and Spelling.
Suitable for Teaching Children Age 7 to 8.
For use the year after the Grammar Handbook 2. Photocopiable resource for consolidation and introduction of further grammar and punctuation elements.
The Grammar 3 Handbook follows on from The Grammar 2 Handbook, revising, consolidating and extending the teaching from The Grammar Handbook 2:
36 structured grammar lessons.
36 spelling and punctuation lessons.
Develops dictionary and thesaurus skills.
Improves vocabulary and comprehension.
Photocopiable activities.
Topics covered are:
Continues to introduce new grammar elements.
Revision of elements covered in The Grammar Handbooks 1 & 2.
New spelling patterns tch, dge, ure, gn, gh, ex, n for /ng/, s, se and ze for /z/, a for /ar/, y for /i/, a for /o/, ere for /air/, and eer and ere for /ear/.
Suffixes -’less’, ‘able’ and ‘ful’.
Proper adjectives.
Nouns acting as adjectives.
Collective nouns.
Pronouns ,possessive/subjective and object.
The present particle and the continuous tenses.
Subject and object in a sentence.
Questions and exclamations in speech


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