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CJ Fallon

Exploring Project Maths Book 3 Junior Cert Maths CJ Fallon

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Exploring Project Maths Book 3 Junior Cert Maths.
Exploring Project Maths 3 follows on from Exploring Project Maths 1 to complete the Junior Cert Higher Level Course.
As is the case with Book 1 and 2 of the series, this book reflects the change in approach envisaged in project Maths.The emphasis throughout is on understanding maths, the accurate use of the language of maths and the development of problem solving skills.
The Main Features are :
Classroom Activities that encourage students to discover results for themselves.
A Plentiful supply of worked examples.
Many Real Life problems that make mathematics more interesting and relevant to students.
Background historical information that will be of interest to both students and teachers.
A Revision exercise and chapter summary at the end of each chapter.
The Colourful diagrams,photographs and cartoon characters that enchance the visual appeal of the book will also help stimulate interest among students.
The Chapters included are:
Timetables,Distance,Speed and Time
Applied Arithmetic 1
Ratio and Proportion
Indices and Scientific Notation 1
Algebra 4- Evaluating and Simplifying Expressions.
Algebra 5- Simultaneous Equations.
Statistics 3 - The Three Averages- Mean,Mode and Median.
Geometry 6 - Quadrilaterals
Algebra 6- Factorising Expressions
Irrational Numbers and Surds
Algebra 7 - Quadratic Equations
Applied Arithmetic 2
Geometry 7- Similar Triangles and Pythagoras Theorem
Geometry 8 - Constructions.
Geometry 9 - Co-Ordinate Geometry 2
Algebra 8 - Number Patterns.
Geometry 10 - Circles
Statistics 4
Applied Measure 1
Interpreting Graphs
Algebra 9 Linear Inequalities
Algebra 10 - Changing the subject of a formula.
Indices and Scientific Notation 2
Algebra 11 - Long Division
Algebra 12 - Functions and their Graphs
Applied Measure 2
Algebra 13 - Problem Solving

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