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Exam Edge Chemistry 2nd Edition Folens

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Exam Edge Chemistry 2nd Edition Folens.
Exam Edge Chemistry is the perfect exam preparation guide for Higher Level Leaving Cert Chemistry. It presents each type of question from previous exam papers on a topic by topic basis and provides model solutions to show how to answer them to a high standard.
It includes :
Exam Questions and model solutions for Higher Level Section A and Section B (2007 to 2014)
The Book is structured into chapters according to question topic.
There are clear instructions on how to achieve full marks in every question.
Notes and tips are given to explain answers and exam requirements.
Includes DES Updates.
Exam Questions and Solutions by Topic
Designed to get you top marks in the exam
Provides topic-by topic questions and solutions for the Chemistry course
Exam marking schemes are included with all solutions
Tips and notes are given for getting the best grades in the exam
Ideal for studying and revising Chemistry Live!
Exam Edge Chem,istry complements the use of any Leaving Cert Chemistry textbook

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Exam Edge Chemistry Folens, 22nd Aug 2012

Reviewer: Paula Mc McGonnell

Really quick delivery. Very happy.

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