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ELC Supervisom & Administration Boru Press

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complete guide to the multi-faceted role of the supervisor within an ELC setting, addressing the skills, competences and responsibilities required for this role combined with key legislation, theoretical and practical approaches and perspectives.

SECTION 1 examines elements of the self and how knowing and accepting who you are can assist you in your job as a supervisor in an ELC setting

SECTION 2 explores the concept of professional practice and what is involved in the work of a supervisor, both in a working-with and overseeing staff supervisory capacity and a supervisor/supervisee capacity within ELC, as well as the specific challenges this duality can bring

SECTION 3 examines the responsibilities of the supervisor for the administration, management, provision and oversight of resources within ELC settings and the supervisor’s role within those processes

SECTION 4 examines the supervisor’s relationships with all stakeholders in an ELC setting with particular focus on the relationships with children and with parents/guardians

Presents legislation relevant to ELC settings, including employment legislation.

Examines inspection processes within ELC settings, how different inspections work and the implications of compliance and non-compliance on the setting.


Those studying for any Childcare or Early Learning and Care (ELC) or School Age Childcare (SAC) professional award.

Professional practitioners in ELC settings.

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