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CJ Fallon

Effective Maths 1 Higher Level Leaving Cert CJ Fallon

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Effective Maths 1 Higher Level Leaving Cert CJ Fallon.
Effective Maths 1 and Effective Maths 2 together comprehensively cover the New Leaving Certificate Higher Level Project Maths course.
Effective Maths 1 deals with Geometry,Trigonometry,Co-Ordinate Geometry and Functions as well as most of Algebra and Numbers.
Topics are covered in a logical sequence dictated by prior learning requirements and not by a rigid adherence to Strands.
The emphasis in each chapter is on explaining the concepts in a clear logical fashion. This is to facilitate the primary aim of all maths students : to understand and be able to execute solutions to problems.
Each chapter starts with a scene setting introduction explaining the background and use of the maths to be covered in the chapter.
Frequent graded exercises are included throughout each chapter culminating in a set of revision exercises covering all the topics in the chapter.
Chapters are of a similar manageable length. They are logically subdivided using Section numbers for easy reference.
There are frequent questions calling for cross over knowledge.
There are many real life examples and exercises throughout the chapters.
Written by a teacher of 30 years experience with 14 previous books to his name including many bestselling titles.

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