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Child Development Fetac Level 5 and 6 Second Edition Gill and MacMilllan

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Child Development Fetac Level 5 and 6 Second Edition.
A comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of child development and learning within early childhood care and education settings, with particular focus on the holistic development of the child to include physical, cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, moral, spiritual, creative and cultural development.
New to this edition:
All learning objectives of the revised FETAC child development modules for both Level 5 and Level 6 are addressed in detail.
Emphasises the link between child development and day-to-day practice.
Clearly highlights Level-6-only material.
Includes a chapter on assessment with sample briefs and guidelines for students.
Discusses the influence of family, social, cultural and environmental factors on child development and learning.
Identifies the importance and benefits of play to the child’s holistic development and learning and recommends suitable play activities.
Clearly positions the important role and contribution of the practitioner/parent/guardian to the development and learning of children in the home and in the care setting.
Written For
Child Development Level 5 (5N1764) as part of the following major awards:
Early Childhood Care and Education (5M2009)
Community Care (5M2786)
Health Service Skills (5M3782)
Healthcare Support (5M4339)
Nursing Studies (5M4349)
Community Health Services (5M4367 and 5M4368)
Child Development Level 6 (6N1942)
As part of the major award Early Childhood Care & Education Level 6 (6M2007)

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