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Better Maths Numeracy Skills 5th Class Activity Book Educate

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Better Maths Numeracy Skills 5th Class Activity Book : a step-by-step Numeracy Plan from 1st to 6th Class
an easy-to-follow Weekly Assessment Profile in mathematics
a multi-grade numeracy development scheme.
The Strategies used in this book are "Real Maths" "Mental Maths" " Computation" " Problem Solving" and 2 Assessment Profiles"
Better Maths is a series aimed at improving numeracy in Primary Schools.It is a sequenced, challenging and enjoyable programme covering all aspects of the Primary School Maths Curriculum." Better Maths" uses contexts that connect maths to everyday experiences and provides opportunities to practice and perfect a range of mathematical skills."Better Maths" includes a weekly assessment of pupil progress.
Features include :
A Comprehensive Mathematics Programme.
Extensive Practice in Number Work.
Focused development of mathematical concepts.
Challenging,thought provoking and enjoyable exercises.
Emphasis on understanding,reasoning and recalling,Applying,integrating and implementing,everyday mathematical problems.
Regular assessment profiles as a guide for pupils,parents and teachers.
Online Guidelines and materials for teachers.
Better Maths 5th Class extends and builds on the numeracy programme of the previous class level.
The 5th Class book includes a 4 page 30 unit pattern of work as follows.
Page 1 :Quick Questions- development of mental maths skills in numbers,fractions ,decimals,shapes and space,measures and data.
Page 2 : Simply Sums- computation exercises aimed at perfecting number work.
Page 3 : Problems-Challenging and enjoyable exercises connected to real life mathematics.
Page 4 : Check Ups- Structured weekly assessments aimed at informing and motivating.

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